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Who are the instructors and what does the curriculum look like? I started my UX bootcamp search by reaching out to 5 different organizations and requesting a detailed version of their curriculum. I reviewed each curriculum package one-by-one making detailed notes and questions. Then I met with admissions reps to see if I could get my questions answered. I

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Like many folks in UX Design I jumped into bootcamp after leaving a non-tech field. It took me soooo long to take the leap of faith because I wanted to make every career move . When that failed, I got real with myself and critiqued the professional experiences I’ve had . Here are 4 personal insights that encouraged me to leave education and start a career in UX design:

1. I’ve designed experiences with intentionality

I had always been told that I do well helping others. That’s how I ended up working on college campuses advising, supervising and mentoring students around the country. …


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